Creating a web page is easy using Wikispaces. These simple instructions will get your page(s) up and ready in very little time. Let's get started.
  1. To your left is the actions column. Click Manage Wiki to see your options. They include inviting members by email and then making them organizers so they can create their own wikipages on the main wikispace. Use the Look and Feel option to change the way your pages appear.
  2. Click EDIT to use the Editor toolbar to do things like change the look of text, add numerations or bullets, links, images, embed widget (e.g., Youtube video) and tables.
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Link to Wikispaces for Educators

Link to file: [[file/view/ridgereportnovdec.pdf|ridgereportnovdec.pdf]]


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Click the widget icon and select video. Go to a site like Youtube. Find a great video and copy the embed code line into the video widget paste box.

RSS Feeds

Go to a site with news, e.g., Google News. Do a search and then click the RSS orange icon and copy the embed code into the rss widget here.

haiti - Google News



The icon on the end of this line is a reference widget. The bibliography is built at the bottom of the page.[1]

Bookmarks (these from


Go to and copy the embed code line from a useful slideshow. Better yet make your own powerpoint and upload to your slideshare account. When it's up copy the code into the slideshow widget box.


More Wiki Ideas and Resources:
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